• Zestaw skrętu NISSAN S13
  • Zestaw skrętu BMW E8X 1M / E9X M3

    "Definitywnie najlepszy skręt do E92 M3 w USA. Dodatkowo w doskonałej jakości i cenie!"

    Nick Franco (@sirnick71), zawodnik Formula Drift PROSPEC



  • Zestaw skrętu BMW E30 4x100

    "Pełna precyzja prowadzenia nawet przy 500 konnym silniku!"

    Maciej Młodowski (@mlodydrft), zawodnik Drift Open PRO



  • Zestaw skrętu BMW E8X / E9X

    "Układ kierowniczy z zestawem zawieszenia CNC71 jest płynny, precyzyjny i bezawaryjny!"

    Danny Pucket (@dannypuckett57), uczestnik Drift Week 2



  • Lock kit NISSAN S13
  • Lock kit BMW E8X 1M / E9X M3

    "Definitely the best E92 M3 turn in the US. In addition, excellent quality and price!"

    Nick Franco (@sirnick71), Formula Drift PROSPEC driver



  • Lock kit BMW E30 4x100

    „The set ensures precise drifting even with a 500 HP engine"

    Maciej Młodowski (@mlodydrft), Drift Open PRO competitor



  • Lock kit BMW E8X / E9X

    „Definitely the best lock kit, the best quality. Number one in the USA!"

    Danny Pucket (@dannypuckett57), Drift Week 2 participant







Aluminium seats adapters for BMW E8X / E9X
Aluminium seats adapters for BMW E8X / E9X
€97.83 €79.53
Hydraulic handbrake kit
Hydraulic handbrake kit
€130.43 €106.04
Lock adapters BMW E36 - STOCK ARM
Lock adapters BMW E36 - STOCK ARM
€69.57 €56.56
Lock adapters BMW E46 - STOCK ARM
Lock adapters BMW E46 - STOCK ARM
€73.91 €60.09
Lock adapters LEXUS IS200 / IS300
Lock adapters LEXUS IS200 / IS300
€97.83 €79.53
New products
External water pump adapter 2JZ
External water pump adapter 2JZ
€173.70 €141.22
C-COOLANT - Transparent Coolant Pipes
C-COOLANT - Transparent Coolant Pipes
€31.52 €25.63
Throttle body adapter for 2JZ engine
Throttle body adapter for 2JZ engine
€65.22 €53.02
About us

We are a well-integrated team of technicians and mechanical engineers ready to take on the most difficult tasks. We offer our clients the best solutions and high quality services in best price.

We are specialized in machining by turning and CNC milling. The details we produce can be coated with various types of coatings, varnishes and galvanizing coatings. We also undertake design services including calculations and 3D models of various mechanical components.

We have many years of experience in the production of welded steel structures. We specialize in fabrication custom parts for automotive. It is our hobby and passion since ever.

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Our Services

Important scope of activities is CNC machining. Computerized Numerical Control is expansion of this abbreviation. CNC allows machiningwhich offers great precision when it comes to dimensional accuracy. We are able to work on wide variety of materials, including steel and plastics.

The CNC71 offer includes:


During milling tool is rotating and/or sliding. From definition, workpiece is stationary, but thanks to modern design of machines, workpiece can also be moved during machining. This method allows to cut grooves and channels.


Allows to cut interior and exterior surfaces of round workpieces. Tool is stationary this time, and workpiece is rotating.


Is the final stage of processing, during which the surface of the processed material is smoothed, and the edges are evened, thanks to which the element acquires an aesthetic shape.

We own modern milling and turning machines which we keep in good shape. Thanks to that, we can trust them when it comes to precision.

Recommended products

Aluminium seats adapters for BMW E8X / E9X Aluminium seats adapters for BMW E8X / E9X
Vendor: CNC71
Price: €97.83 (net: €79.53 )
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