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Material: 41Cr4

Set includes: 2 steel arms, 2 aluminium adapters,6 screws



We present customized steering lock kit for BMW E30 (4 × 100).

Adapters are milled on CNC machines, which gives a high quality finish and 100% adaptation of the adapter to the steering and ball joints.

For E30 (4x100), adapters are made from structural steel. The control arm is cut by the laser and has precisely machined bolt openings and a stabilizer mount (we recommend mounting it for better driving in slide “drift”, especially when the suspension is not "concreted").

To mount the steering kit, one must move the upper shock absorber mount on the outside [camber, relocator or E36 M3 pillow - is recommended as the simplest and reliable method].

One set of customized BMW steering lock kit includes:

  • LEFT front control arm - 1 piece
  • RIGHT front control arm - 1 piece
  • adapter for LEFT arm - 1 piece
  • adapter for RIGHT arm - 1 piece
  • fixing screws - 4 pieces

The assembly instruction is included to the set.

Raceism show 2019

It's all about control and making fun :)Our 4×100 E30 lock kit at drift show Raceism.comWe count over 10 cars with our parts, we are little proud of it ;)BellyBoyz Zip SquadMlodydrftmalowaniefelg.comCUSTOM CAR SPA

Opublikowany przez CNC71 Wtorek, 9 lipca 2019

Maximum Attack 👊4×100 Lock Kit ✨Feel free to contact us and get Your details 📨📷 Oskar Speruda Photography 🙌

Opublikowany przez CNC71 Środa, 31 lipca 2019

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm


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