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Mechanics is our passion

Machining - range of services

We machine steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals and plastics. We guarantee high quality and quick delivery. In machining processes we use the following CNC methods:

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CNC Machining

Important scope of activities is CNC machining. Computerized Numerical Control is expansion of this abbreviation. CNC allows machiningwhich offers great precision when it comes to dimensional accuracy. We are able to work on wide variety of materials, including steel and plastics.


During milling tool is rotating and/or sliding. From definition, workpiece is stationary, but thanks to modern design of machines, workpiece can also be moved during machining. This method allows to cut grooves and channels.


Allows to cut interior and exterior surfaces of round workpieces. Tool is stationary this time, and workpiece is rotating.


is the final stage of processing, during which the surface of the processed material is smoothed, and the edges are evened, thanks to which the element acquires an aesthetic shape

We own modern milling and turning machines which we keep in good shape. Thanks to that, we can trust them when it comes to precision.

We would like to invite you to visit our drift parts shop


We are a well-integrated team of technicians and mechanical engineers ready to take on the most difficult tasks.
We offer our clients the best solutions and high quality services in best price.

We are specialized in machining by turning and CNC milling. 
The details we produce can be coated with various types of coatings, varnishes and galvanizing coatings.
We also undertake design services including calculations and 3D models of various mechanical components.

We have many years of experience in the production of welded steel structures, in particular stairs and balustrades.

We also specialize in fabrication custom parts for automotive. It is our hobby and passion since ever.

Our workshop is located near Wrocław in the town of Iwiny in Poland.



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Pros and applications of CNC machining:

CNC Machining offers a lot:

  • repetitiveness of parts, even small and complicated
  • possibility of achieving desired shape of the part 
  • close to perfect precision of execution
  • quick completion of both small and big jobs
  • low costs of machining 
  • minimal losses of materials

A lot of pros makes CNC machining usable in variety of industries. Thanks to that, all sorts of parts can be produced - machines, tools, bolts, axles, spacers, adapters, and so on. CNC machines are being used for example in medical, transport and electronic applications.

Why we are worth cooperating with?

Our company can offer you: 

  • up-to-date workshop and machines
  • big experience in metal machining
  • on both big and repetitive as well as small and complicated orders 
  • concentrating on details during production 
  • meeting the deadlines

We'd like to invite you to cooperation, and if you have any questions - please contact us.